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Special discounts

upto 20%

The quality is important

Behrang saffron packaging is designed to maintain beauty and creativity in packaging; Protects the product from direct light, so saffron has a high quality in terms of taste, aroma and natural color.

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Take a closer look to

the production of saffron in Behrang

Saffron is as valuable as gold in Iran and it’s called “Red Gold”. You can find it easily in most parts of Iran. Planting saffron starts from October to may. The best time for planting saffron is before fall when the weather is not rainy yet. The interesting thing about saffron is that it has a time which is called hibernation. In this specific time, saffron must not be irrigated.
In Iran saffron is grown mostly in Khorasan and Fars province, it is also grown in Qom and Esfahan in small scale.

Harvesting from farms

Saffron blooms once a year and it take about thirty days. The harvesting time is depending on the irrigation time of saffron. But normally October is the time in which saffron blooms and in this time it should be harvested.


Stigma separation and tests

In general, saffron consist of three parts: Three yellow flags, kalaleh and petals. The process of separating kalaleh is so important, because kalaleh is the most valuable part of saffron. The quality of saffron also depends on the time of harvesting and separation and also drying the kalaleh. The less it takes time, the higher quality is achieved.


Packing and sales

The process of packing this plant which is called “Red Gold” in Iran is so important. Saffron is sensitive to light and humidity and this two factors have great impact on its quality. Behrang has designed different types of beautiful packages which are attractive and useful for protecting saffron from sunlight and humidity.

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